Like many my first introduction to the wellbeing sector was through yoga. I first started practicing yoga in London looking for something to help me relax and unwind outside of work. I was very lucky to stumble upon a great Sunday afternoon class at a local gym that would leave me floating afterwards as I walked back to my car. I fell in love with the practice and I was in awe with its ability to wipe out that awful Sunday night blues feeling, instead leaving me feeling more positive and energised.

Over the next 8 years, yoga helped me both physically and emotionally in ways I never could have imagined. It helped me battle through many of the stresses of modern life, working extremely long hours in the corporate world and even took me on an amazing personal and geographic journey through India, Thailand and Bali. In 2015 yoga became not just a passion but a calling, as I passed my 200 hour yoga teacher training so that I could share the benefits I had received from the practice with others.

I continue to be inspired by the impact that yoga and natural wellbeing practices can have on people and their ability to help calm, restore and energise the body and the mind. It is through teaching yoga, meditation and essential oils that I hope to help other people find a slice of peace in their busy schedules.

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